Murray Spindle Bearing Part# 093058MA


Murray Spindle Bearing part# 093058MA has an inside diameter of 7/8", an outside diameter of 1", and the flange has a diameter of 1-1/4". This bearing is used on the front wheel assembly of the following riding mower models; 46250X30A, 46250X65C, 46254X15B, 46258X6A, 46370X5C, 46376X65B, 46377X8A, 46378X62A, 46378X6A, 46378X6B, 46379A, 46379X192A and the same series, but ending with 192B, X30A, X71A, X83A, X92A, and X92B. 46380X50A, 46380X50B, 46400A, 46400X50A, 46400X5A, 46400X65A, 46401X30A, 46401X6A, 46403X199A, 46403X30A, 46403X8A, 46404X21A, 46404X6A, 46404X89A, 46404X8A, 46430X31A, 46430X6A, 46430X89A, 46430X8A, 46431X92A, 52370X192A, 52370X92A, 52431X92A, 461000X71A, 461000X8A, 461001X68A, 461004X92A, 461004X92B, 461005X68A, 461007X92A, 461007X92B, 461008X692A, 461008X92A, 461018X99A, 461018X99B, 46102X6A, 46102X6B, 46103A, 46103B, 46103X50A and the same series, but ending with X50B, X50C, X71A, and X92A. 46104X14A and the same series, but ending with X8A, X8B, X8C, and X8D. 46106X89A, 46106X89B, 46107X92A, 46108X89A, 461603X48A, 461604X99A, 461605X99A, 521000X71A, 52100X92A, 52101X92A, 521613X189A, 521613X71A, 521613X89A, 521613X89B, 52161X89A, and 52161X89B. There may be models that use this part that we do not have listed here. Please refer to your owners manual or a parts breakdown for your model, to assure that this is the correct part for your machine, before you order. 

  • Model: Mu051
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