MTD Bearing Part# 941-0245


MTD Bearing part# 941-0245 has an inside diameter of 3/4" and an outside diameter of 1-1/4". The flange on this bearing has a diameter of 1-1/2". Following is a list of models that use this bearing; 316-746E190, 316E756G190, 317E760F118, 317E762F013, 316-616E190, 316E646-190, 316E666H190, 317E623D190, 317E633E190, 317E653F190, 317E663H190, 31AE6BHE718, 31AE6GLF790, 31AE6GLF791, 31AE6LLG790, 31AELLG791, 31AEKLF795, 31AE6BHE718, 31AE6BHE790, and the same series, but ending with BHE791, GLF7901, GLF791, GLF795, LFH718, LLG790, LLG791. 31AH54SG793, 31AH54TG799, 31AH55TH793, and the same series, but ending with 55TH799, 6BHE790, 6GLF790, 6LLG790. 31AM53TF799, 31AS53SF793, and the same series, but ending with 53TF799, 62EE799, 63EE793, 63EE799, 63TF799, 68SF799, 6AEE799, 6BEE799. 31BH54TG799, 31BH55TH799, 31BM62EE799, 31BM63TF799, and 31BS62EE799. There may be models that use this part that we do not have listed here. Please refer to your owners manual or a parts breakdown for your model, to assure that this is the correct part for your machine, before you order.
  • Model: MTD0190
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